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Executive Search

We believe that strategic recruitment requires close and careful management, consequently your senior project partner will manage the entire search process personally.
Exceptional candidates are often comfortable where they are, and they are not sitting around waiting for a “headhunter” to call. Our consultants are reputable, credible and empathetic, and therefore we can get access to the right people and speak to them with confidence about career opportunities.
On request, we can include personality analysis instruments, such as Reiss-Profile®, DISC®, MSA® or INSIGHTS®, into the decision-making process.

Why are we so successful?

  • Industry specialization. "We are able to precisely calibrate the coordinates..."
  • Solution diversity and diligence. "What is predictable is achievable." (Einstein)
  • All our consultants are management-level partners.
  • Our search- and selection-methodologies.
  • Clear customer focus and service commitment.
  • Extensive database and sophisticated search-models support our professional,
    industry-experienced recruiters.


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